Best Selling Books by Jo Nesbo (Harry Hole)

Harry Hole Jo Nesbos Best Seller Books

FIND HERE the list of the Harry Hole, Jo Nesbo Best Books in order. I would say Nebso is one of the best crime writers I have read, not only are they bestselling but so fantastically well written that I have become a huge fan of these detective murder mysteries. I came across Nesbo by accident as I was mulling around the airport lounge bookshop looking for a good book to take on holiday to read, and if like me you love nothing better than grabbing a towel and a book to sit in the sun and relax, then I happened across one of the best crime writers and have got the ideal books for you.

If you have read and loved Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy and looking for a book to read that’s similar in style. I want to introduce you to Jo Nesbo who brings us the unorthodox Policeman Harry Hole, and is fast becoming one of this years top selling authors, his books are currently featured on every bestsellers books list.

He regularly features in the Top Ten bestseller books, with his books …and no wonder, every one is a page turner right to the last page.

***As I continue to read these books this page will become updated with reviews of each*** what I love about Nesbos series is it does not matter which order you read them in, I picked the one I was drawn to 1st and continue to read the ones that I want in the order I want to and it has made no difference. Which for an author to achieve this in a series is pretty phenomenal writing.
Redbreast -Book 1 – by Jo Nesbo – Harry Hole

An introduction into the world of Harry Hole the unorthodox Norwegian Policeman, who even with his brilliance at solving these types of crimes, struggles to catch up with the murderer or as we start to see developing is there one or more involved.
The Redbreast: A Harry Hole Novel (Harry Hole Series)
The Redbreast: A Harry Hole Novel (Harry Hole Series)

This was pretty gruesome in the fact the murders that took you back to place a culture history only known to those opposing Hitler.
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Nemesis by Jo Nesbo Harry Hole Book 2

I recently finished this Harry Hole classic murder mystery, and suspense ll in one, another great from Nesbo as Harry Holes life gets twisted up in the recent Bank Robbery and Murder investigation, is he being framed.

You are really starting to understand Harry Hole now and his love of the demon Drink. This book also pushes your own boundaries of how racism is still very much alive especially in groups.
Nemesis: A Harry Hole Novel (Harry Hole series Book 4)
Nemesis: A Harry Hole Novel (Harry Hole series Book 4)

Great read and unexpected outcome
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The Devil’s Star by Jo Nesbo Harry Hole Book 3

On the hunt for a killer, whose killings seem to be random, Harry Hole discovers the very clever cover-up of one determined serial killer. Out to prove something, who wont stop until he is caught.
The Devil’s Star: A Novel (Harry Hole series Book 5)
The Devil’s Star: A Novel (Harry Hole series Book 5)

Has Harry Already Caught him and let him go?
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The Redeemer by Jo Nesbo Harry Hole Book 4

Pretty shocking when you first start reading that on a crisp pre-Christmas evening celebration with families all gathered in the square, a man is shot. A man of the Salvation Army no less. But when It becomes apparent it was the wrong man that was killed. The hunt is on. Who will find who first. Great story with too many twists and turns to work out until the very end. Brilliant book By Jo Nesbo. This ranks one of my favorite. And our Dear Harry is battling with the booze again.
The Snowman Harry Hole Book 5
Jo nesbo

This first best selling book by Nesbo introduces the character Harry Hole, the unorthodox policeman, you really don’t want to have chasing your tale.

Would you prefer a straight down the middle Police Man, or one with a few vices, and flaws, but would make sure to the ends of the earth he found the culprit of some of the most vicious crimes? Whether justice would be served as the law dictates or by their own law.

So when someone sends him a letter, enticing him back into the police force, they surely know they are asking for trouble, or are they just having fun with him. The Snowman is chilling, as you are unable to put down this book, now I know why they are called page turners.

As this has been translated, from Norwegian, you need to stay sharp to keep track of the characters, and their names, some which are similar, but as the book unfolds every character is carefully placed, and appears most unexpectedly. Why has the Snowman chosen Harry Hole to find him?

Even to the last chapter, when you think the crimes committed are all but solved, Nesbo manages to throw out the rod and hook you right back in, making sure you read the last page.

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The Leopard Jo Nesbo Book 6
…the race is on…

I have just finished this book, and what can I tell you…apart from just read it.

From murder to suspense, to love and fatal attraction. just when you think you got it sussed, Nesbo throws it all out the water mixes it all back up whips it into a sandstorm and throws it all back at you.

Harry Hole is a down and out hiding out or actually held hostage by the Mafia in Hong Kong due to unpaid debt, but his bosses at Crime Squad HQ know he is the only one who can find this serial killer, but how many more will be killed before Harry Hole gets a grip of his shambolic life?

This book will make you ask the question are you sure every one you work with, is who they say they are? Full of corruption and unethical practices and again, with police inspector Harry Hole you just never know what’s around the corner, another blinder from Jo Nesbo.

Top 10 Best Selling Books of the 1980s

1. The Covenant – James A. Michener

James A Michener published The Covenant in the year the story in the book ends, 1980.

To say it is an epic does not really do it justice, since it begins in about 1700 BC and moves forward through the centuries to the common era, telling the story of the formation of South Africa as it progresses.

Michener, ever the great researcher does not tell the story from a single viewpoint though and we are told the story of the South African nation from the point of view of members of tribes, Afrikaans, English and actual historical figures too.

He writes at length about the Afrikaans system of Apartheid and offers two possible outcomes to the issue of apartheid in his book – he actually guessed correctly that apartheid would be resolved without bloodshed.
Warning -Violent Clip
2. The Bourne Identity – Robert Ludlum

It is difficult to believe that Robert Ludlum wrote The Bourne Identity as early as the 1980s given its more recent success on the big screen.

Jason Bourne is a retrograde amnesiac who is rediscovering himself after being found floating in the Mediterranean Sea by fisherman.

What becomes clear to the reader is that Bourne is no ordinary Joe.

Robert Ludlum’s book takes the reader on a true spy adventure through the cities of Europe as he takes along an unwitting bystander who happens to get caught up in the action, but with whom Bourne falls in love.

The book investigates the roles of agents and double agents in the American secret service and the book is a page turner because the more you find out about Jason Bourne, the more committed you become to him.

It is a novel with a great storyline – espionage, counter-espionage, good cops and most certainly a few bad ones – high energy from start to finish with amazing twists and turns. A real page tuner!
Sidney Sheldon
Sidney Sheldon | Source
3. Rage of Angels – Sidney Sheldon

Sidney Sheldon almost deserves an article of his own to describe and celebrate his life as one of the most prolific writers in the United States.

As well as being an extremely successful fiction writer (the seventh most best-selling in history), he was also a writer of stage musicals, TV series and shows, plays and movie scripts.

He did not write his first novel until he was over fifty but once he started writing novels, there really was no stopping him.

Rage of Angels is one of his best loved books, melding the mafia, American politics, the law, love and romance almost seemlessly.

Jennifer Parker, an inexperienced lawyer at the District Attourney’s office sets up the court case for Mafia boss, Michael Morretti only to have the case thrown out when a bribe is discovered in the case. Her career seems ruined until fellow lawyer Adam decided to support Jennifer’s carrer, convinced she is innocent of any wrongdoing in the Morretti case.

In a clever parallel, Sheldon aslo has Michael Morretti fall in love with Jennifer and the two men fight for her affections as she rebuilds her stalling career in the law.

Sheldon excelled in his ability to weave several story lines together in the same novel. This gave all of his novels a rather epic feel; Rage of Angels is no exception.
Judith Krantz
Judith Krantz | Source
4. Princess Daisy – Judith Krantz

Like Sidney Sheldon, Judith Krantz came to fiction writing later in life and did not publish her first novel, Scruples until she was fifty years old.

Princess Daisy broke records when it was released when Krantz was paid an amazing five million dollars advance.

Judith Krantz had been a successful journalist for women’s magazines before choosing to stay at home and raise her sons. She did freelance work from home and seemed satisfied with this until her husband suggested she try to write fiction because of her natural storytelling skills.

In spite of believing that she would fail, she turned out to be one of America’s most popular romantic fiction authors, enjoying success with Scruples, Princess Daisy, Mistral’s Daughter and I’ll Take Manhattan.

Judith Krantz continues to write very good romance novels and is a born storyteller; many of her books have been adapted for television including Scruples, Princess Daisy and Mistral’s Daughter.
Stephen King Interview- he’s never dull!
5. Firestarter – Stephen King

Firestarter is a book which opens with a bang as the reader finds themselves literally in the midst of a crisis as a man, Andy McGee attempts to run away with his young daughter, Charlie, from the government.

Andy McGee and his wife were once part of a government drug research programme which left them both with special powers. The government are tracking down those who participated on the research project known as ‘the shop’.

Government agents know that Charlie has been born with a rather startling power, pyrokenesis, the ability to start fires just with the power of her mind.

The book is set in the present moment and is very high energy, a real page turner as the reader is desperate to find out if Andy and Charlie are going to escape the clutches of The Shop’s government agents.

Stephen King cleverly switches from the present to scary flashbacks where we see the development of Charlie’s amazing superpower against a backdrop of personal loss and the government’s obsession with capturing the child firestarter.

Stephen King always sets his stories at the perfect pace and once you pick up this book, you won’t want to put it back down.
6. The Key to Rebecca – Ken Follett

Ken Follett is an author, more lately of historical epics like Pillars of the Earth and World Without End, both of which was recently adapted with great success for television.

However, his earlier novels are a hotch potch of entertaining storytelling, largely written from the viewpoint of the central protagonist. Follett is the king of pacing a novel and does so with some success on all of his early novels.

He turned to writing about espionage in 1978 with his first truly bestselling novel, Eye of The Needle and followed this with his novel, Triple in 1979 which was also a best seller.

The Key To Rebecca is the third and arguably, best of his spy novels.

It is based on the true story of German spy, Johannes Eppler who was born in Egypt, lived a rather exuberant and sensual life but was fiercely nationalistic and served Hitler as an agent during World War Two.

Follett based his lead character in The Keys To Rebecca, Alex Wolff on Eppler but with more dramatic license. The story of Eppler has also been fictionalised to a lesser or greater degree by Michael Ondaatje and Len Deighton because he did lead an extraordinary life and his biography is truly a story begging to be told.

Follett’s writing is not to everybody’s tastes because he can fall into rather formula driven plotting but there is no denying his skills as a story teller and even using a real life story here, he imbues Eppler’s story with really exciting plotlines and builds tensions throughout the book; also making full use of the Egyptian landscapes, both urban and desert.
Belva Plain – one of the 1980s popular authors of books for women, sweeping drama made a comeback,
Belva Plain – one of the 1980s popular authors of books for women, sweeping drama made a comeback,
7. Random Winds – Belva Plain

Belva Plain writes what we might call historical novels or sagas. Usually, her novels involve immigrants finding their feet for the first time in their new home, the United States of America.

Her better known, and maybe, better loved novel, Evergreen was a best selling novel in the 1970s and it could be argued that many of its readers thereafter followed Belva Plain’s writing.

Random Winds is similar to Evergreen in that it is a tale of three generations of the Farrell family, all of them, doctors.

Martin Farrell does not want to tread in his father Enoch’s footsteps as a country doctor driven to his grave early by overwork but he cannot afford to work as a brain surgeon without some financial support.

He married the woman who might enable his ambition when actually, he is in love with her sister and from this action is his life decided.

Belva Plain writes on an epic scale and Random Winds is another of her ‘big’ books. She expertly weaves poverty and wealth, ambition and apathy, love, marriage, infidelity and death with an ease other authors must envy.
8. The Devil’s Alternative – Frederick Forsyth

Frederick Forsyth’s The Devil’s Alternative started life a screenplay, The Alternative, which never made it to the screen. Frederick Forsyth knew he had a good story and rewrote it as a novel.

It melds espionage with cold war sensibilities and includes the dissident Ukranians, Americans, Russians and Europeans all trying to muscle in on a Russian shortage of wheat.

It is incredible to think that something as dull as a failed harvest could cause such tumult but Forsyth is the king of pace and also a master of building national tensions against a backdrop of political intrigue as the Americans and Europeans appear to be being outflanked by a Russian government prepared to invade European countries and take the wheat for free.

The novel features fictional representations of Margaret Thatcher, Jimmy Carter and Cyrus Vance.
Larry Collins
Larry Collins | Source
9. The Fifth Horseman – Larry Collins/Dominique Lapierre

Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre wrote novels together, most of which were political thrillers.

The plot of The Fifth Horseman is probably more accepted now, post 9/11 than it was at the time it was written.

It is the story of a Libyan brothers, Kamal and Whalid who are determined to avenge their father losing his home on the west bank.

Kamal travels to New York on a freighter with a nuclear weapon and threatens to destroy the city in a nuclear explosion.

Immediately, the U.S. government becomes involved in this potential strike on their most important city.

Forsyth merges the middle east crisis with western sensibilities of the real picture in Libya, Israel and elsewhere and balances this with what is essentially a family story.

Soon, America’s president is called in and takes advice from his defence chiefs about what action is required.

The book caused such a stir in France that their sale of nuclear reactors (for peaceful purposes) to Libya was cancelled and the French edition of the novel is also edited to not cause any political damage – France clearly felt that Libya was a threat at the time, though this was only a work of fiction.

The novelists when pressed about the story line said that it was their imaginative take on the threat of international terrorists to cause harm in the west – they believes it could happen!
10. The Spike – de Borchgrave/Moss

The Spike is another of the 1980s novels centred on the unstable political background of the Cold War.

It is the story of journalist, Bob Hockney whose investigations uncover a plot by the wily Russians for world domination within the 1980s decade.

Underpinning Hockney’s discovery and further investigation is the Russians manipulation of the western press, more interested in uncovering traitors and spies in its own country than any direct confrontation with the Russians.

‘The Spike’ refers to the suppressing of the press and the implications of what might happen if the real stories, like Hockney’s chance discovery were never brought to light and shared in the national press.
Shelley Winters
Shelley Winters | Source
Non Fiction

Shelley Winter’s autobiography, Shelley, provided one of the most amusing and entertaining non-fiction books of the 1980s as she charted her climb from Hollywood blonde bombshell to well-respected and award-winning actress.

Carl Sagan’s Cosmos enjoyed success which was also transferred to a hugely successful and still impressive TV show.

Gay Talese’s book, Thy Neighbor’s Wife was a look at 1950s sexual behaviour and the generation of free love which followed. Talese, more famous as a sports journalist, thereafter took on trickier assignments; this one is one of his most well known.

1. Crisis Investing…, – D.R. Casey
2. Cosmos – Carl Sagan
3. Free to Choose – Milton & Rose Friedman
4. Anatomy of an Illness – Norman Cousins
5. Thy Neighbor’s Wife – Gay Talese
6. The Sky’s the Limit – Dr. Wayne Dyer
7. The Third Wave – Alvin Toffler
8. Craig Claiborne’s Gourmet Diet
9. Nothing Down – Robert Allen
10. Shelley – Shelley Winters

Top 10 Best Selling Books of the 1990s

J.K. Rowling, best selling 1990s author.
J.K. Rowling, best selling 1990s author. | Source
1, 2, 3 Harry Potter And ….

This is very difficult and others might have refused to put Jo Rowling’s books on this list but I think they deserve to be here and truly, they were the best sellers of ALL books in the 1990s, both adult and children’s fiction.

J.K. Rowling must still wake up with a smile every day and think of the rejection letters gathering dust in her attic.

The top 3 best selling books of the 1990s were all Harry Potter novels.Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone, …Chamber of Secrets and …Prisoner of Azkaban which all sold millions of copies thanks to their enormous popularity with children all over the world and maybe thanks to a lot of adult readers too.

J.K Rowling deserves her success; she wrote Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone at a time of her life that was very difficult, losing her mother before it was published and also living on state benefits as a single parent in a tiny flat.

She is truly an inspirational author and yet has remained very down to earth in spite of her success and enormous wealth.

She has since completing the Harry Potter series, written a tragicomic adult novel, The Casual Vacancy and is currently writing a pre-teens childrens’ book.

Jo Rowling donates generously to charity but is also an active participant in many British charities where she plays an active role in publishing their causes and appearing in person to raise awareness.
4. Pelican Brief – John Grisham

John Grisham’s Pelican Brief is a legal novel which melds political intrigue and murder, leaving its main character, law student, Darby Shaw running from the bad guys for most of the novel.

Grisham is very clever with the plotting. We know that Darby’s investigative brief about businessman, Victor Mattiece, suggests that he is involved in the murders of two supreme court justices.

She shows the brief to her boyfriend to ask his opinion and he and his law professor are both murdered.

Soon Darby begins to realise that maybe her speculative brief has some truth to it and that those she names may be involved in much more than even she believes.

A real edge of the seat legal thriller, the Pelican Brief also became a best selling movie, starring Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington.
5.The Client – John Grisham

John Grisham was another author who really came into his own in the 1990s with several best selling books throughout the decade.

The Client is Grisham’s tale of an eleven year old boy who knows too much. A series of chance encounters lead to him being at the centre of a criminal investigation which could see his provide the most important clue to a case being solved.

The boy, Mark Sway lives in a trailer park with his mother and brother and he possesses all of the wiles necessary to survive a life lived on the edge of poverty.

His lawyer, maybe the book’s most intriguing character is female whirlwind, Reggie Love, only four years out of law school and still learning the ropes.

Grisham has fun with all of the male lawyers thinking they can outsmart Reggie but he also has Reggie turn the tables again and again as she does everything to protect her young client.

The Client is a 1990s best selling book because it is a real page turner – Grisham understands story telling and in spite of some of its heavier jargon-rich paragraphs, it is still an entertaining read.
Costa Rica – site for the Dinosaur stampede
6. Jurassic Park – Michael Crichton

Michael Crichton’s amazing Jurassic Park brought science into a novel about dinosaurs.

Could the scientific knowledge we have today bring back dinosaurs?

This story is mainly about men meddling where they shouldn’t and is mainly a close up look at human nature at its best and then at its worse.

John Hammond, the creator of Jurassic Park has used dinosaur DNA found in amber to recreate real dinosaurs.

He intends to open the dinosaur park to the public but after some financial problems, tries to engage the support of two renowned palaeontologists in his project, little realising that one of his own scientists has already agreed to sell dinosaur eggs to an unscrupulous rival of Hammond’s.

What ensues is one of the scariest looks at what might happen if human beings involved themselves in science in a negative way.

Crichton was very interested in chaos theory and this book was his cautionary tale on the evil that could come from ill considered scientific experimentation.

Stephen Spielberg filmed Jurassic Park and its sequel, The Lost World to huge acclaim. Both movies were blockbusters.

The dinosaur stampede and other forest scenes were filmed in Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Hawaii.

Cover of The Firm by John Grisham
Cover of The Firm by John Grisham | Source
Gene Hackman and Tom Cruise starred in the film version of The Firm
Gene Hackman and Tom Cruise starred in the film version of The Firm | Source
7. The Firm – John Grisham

John Grisham’s third best seller on this list is The Firm, the tale of bright-eyed, ambitious, newly qualified lawyer, Mitch McDeere.

It was, arguably, the novel which brought his other books to the public eye.

It was made into a successful movie by director, Sydney Pollack, starring Tom Cruise and Gene Hackman. This brought Grisham to a wider audience and led to his earlier novels becoming best sellers a few years after they were first written.

McDeere is tempted to sign up with ‘the firm’ of Bendini, Lambert and Locke and is welcomed with a huge salary, BMW car and oceanside house on a low cost mortgage.

His first day is spent at the funeral of two of the firm’s associates, killed in a snowboarding accident on vacation.

The memorial plaques for other associates hang on the walls at the firm’s office and Mitch wonders why they have lost so many associates under strange circumstances.

The book is another of Grisham’s page turners as Mitch gets pulled into the world of riches and fame whilst also realising that he’s in over his head.

John Grisham is famously circumspect when it comes to his talents as a writer, rarely interviewed on the matter (he doesn’t like it) but he would be a fascinating person to interview.

Maybe all hopeful fiction writers would ask his for his secrets.

Robert James Waller, author of one of the 1990s best selling books, The Bridges of Madison County
Robert James Waller, author of one of the 1990s best selling books, The Bridges of Madison County | Source
8. The Bridges of Madison County – Robert James Waller

The Bridges of Madison County is a novel which took America by storm when it was published in 1992.

It was a romantic novel written by a man and a simple story of the sensuous joy of a man and a woman meeting and falling in love when he visits her state, Iowa to photograph its beautiful covered bridges.

Francesca Johnson is an Italian, married to an America but her husband is often away from home and she is lonely and alone when she meets photographer, Robert Kincaid.

It is an unusual novel in that the narrator suggests that it is a true story but in fact Waller said it was not based on real material though the main character was based on himself.

He was praised to the skies on Oprah Winfrey’s show for his wonderfully gentle way of fictionalising the romance; it is indeed a very romantic novel so don’t expect any Fifty Shades of Grey style ‘prose’ in this novel.

It is now one of America’s best selling books ever, having sold over 50 million copies since it was first published.
9. Rising Sun – Michael Crichton

Rising Sun is the follow up novel of Jurassic Park and many fans of the first book were delighted to read another Michael Crichton novel, though this one is very different.

Crichton was never afraid to take on difficult or controversial subjects; his readers almost always enjoyed his novels because he made them think or at the least squirm in their seats about some of the issues he covered.

Rising Sun is a reference to the Japanese symbol on their flag and looks at the issue of Japanese investment in American technology companies, especially when the Japanese and Americans build businesses in a very different way.

A murder occurs at the opening event for the Nakamoto Corporation in their new L.A. offices, an American girl is murdered and some of the evidence points to a Japanese killer but the Japanese owners of the company will not take this kind of ‘racism’ lying down.

Rising Sun is a murder mystery dressed up as a political thriller; Crichton keeps you off guard constantly, questioning the moral and legal twists and turns with every page turned.
John Grisham- best selling 1990s author.
John Grisham- best selling 1990s author. | Source
10. The Chamber – John Grisham

John Grisham’s The Chamber was another of his excellent books adapted for the screen, starring Gene Hackman and Chris O’Donnell.

The main story of The Chamber involves a man, Sam Cayhall accused and acquitted twice of murdering a Jewish lawyer, Marvin Kramer, who supported civil rights.

Cayhall is a member of the Ku Klux Klan and after some twenty years, an associate goes to the police and tells them that he was there when Cayhall killed Kramer.

Cayhall is taken captive again, tried and sentenced to death.

His grandson, an inexperienced lawyer decided to defend him.

The book is as much about the relationship between grandfather and grandson as it is about the legal issues involved in race relations and civil rights.

The book dwells more on the issue of the death penalty than anything else and that is a subject as talked about today as it was when this book was written.

Grisham’s writing is excellent as always and he does not rely too much on legal jargon to push the story forward.

Periphery characters are central to the plot as the gap of twenty years from his first arrest to his actual conviction leads his grandson, Adam to trace his grandfather’s shady past. Some of the people he meets will make Adam doubt his grandfather’s account of things and this is all the better for the reader, only too anxious to keep turning the pages!

Make Your Book Stand A Chance

When you craft your book to be a bestseller, everyone involved i.e. you (the author), the publisher and the bookseller, are sure to make good money. A bestseller is the result of countless small decisions. Individually, none of these decisions would determine the overall success of the book. It is the collective whole of many good decisions that gives you a shot at creating a bestseller.

As an author, writing a bestseller is challenging and you need to mentally prepare yourself for the challenge. Your book is more likely to succeed, if it is written for being published as a ‘lead book’ in a particular market segment rather than as a book simply meant for a market segment. Your book need not be very large. However, it should provide solid, complete and comprehensive content to qualify as a bestseller. The terms solid, comprehensive and complete are relative and refer to whatever you as an author have set out to accomplish in your book.

Before you publish your title, you need to do a lot of homework along with your publisher. It is critically essential that you acquire a full understanding of your target market segment. If you are unable to understand, what your target audience desires from you, failure is imminent. There is a tendency to define book markets as being comprised of people with identical/similar needs. The fact is that the content needs of people within a market segment vary quite substantially. Therefore, your bestseller, even when remaining focused, should be able to accommodate the needs of the broad spectrum of readers within the targeted market segment.

Different people adopt different approaches to reading books. Some people simply browse through a book till they find something interesting. Others may prefer sequential reading. Your bestseller should make it easy for the reader to find whatever he is looking for. Depending on the category of your book, you can include a brief table of contents, notes, illustrations, tips, sub-headings, cross-references and examples. You can provide an outline at the beginning of each chapter, in addition to tabs, appendices, glossaries, running heads etc. to help the reader quickly find the desired information. Every page should be packed full with information in a well-designed manner that is logical, elegant and easy on the reader’s eyes.

When you want your book to be a bestseller, it is critical that you break new ground in your writing. It means including ideas that are new, different and unique and meant to deliver more than what the book promises. The fact is that there are very few ideas that are completely new. In book publishing, ideas from every aspect of life are borrowed and modified as an ongoing process in the creation of new books. The crux is to develop and incorporate a few new ideas to clearly differentiate your book and make it stand out in the pack available in the market.

Even if your book is well authored, its chances of being published as a bestseller are dramatically enhanced when you have well-established connections with vendors and other industry experts.

Do Amazon Kindle Bestseller Lists Promote Authors Or The Kindle?

It has been said that the Amazon Kindle bestseller list is to be split into paid books and free eBooks. It has been said that there is to be a separate bestseller list of Kindle titles for paid and free eBooks. This is a departure from the current situation where the top 10 list of Kindle titles contains both free giveaway eBooks and those that are paid for, whether that price is 99 cents or $9.99.

Do Bestseller Lists Influence Readers?

The Kindle bestseller list has been used by many people, including publishers, to determine what people are reading on the e-reader platform, and while many contend that it makes no difference whether an eBook is offered free of charge or is paid for, other believe that free books confuse the issue of which are the most popular authors and genres.

The former state that readers will not download a book in which they have no interest, whether it is offered free or not. Similarly, a reader that follows a particular author will not desist from downloading a new work just because it has to be paid for. Even when the lists are split by Amazon, what is the reason for the position of each book on each list going to state? Are readers downloading free books because they are free or because they are popular? The same question still exists – it doesn’t go away just because the two are split into different lists.

By measuring the number of titles being downloaded from the Amazon store to Kindle Amazon can get a feel for which titles to stock in regular printed format. Publishers and booksellers use the same information for much the same purpose: which authors are popular and which should be stocked in what volume. The change will do nothing to change that, nor will it change the fact that it is still to Amazon that these interested parties will look for this information.

Barnes and Noble do not offer data on eBook downloads, and neither does Apple. Though the statistics would be very interesting: according to the review “Additions to the e-Reader Lineup: Barnes and Noble’s Nook”, the device allows users to download at least the half-million titles in the Google Books library (Digital Book Readers). The only other source of similar information might be Fictionwise, but Amazon is the widest used by publishers, booksellers and writers. The latter might find it more difficult to get to the top of the free list, although even this free list is contentious to many independent writers.

The Suggestion of Kindle Promotion

There is another side to the free list or to the free content in the current Kindle bestseller list. Recently, the bestseller list was topped by two books from author Terri Blackstock, both free. They were offered for a specific period after which they were to revert to the standard maximum Amazon price of $9.99 for the Kindle.

The reason given by publishers of best-selling authors such as Ms. Blackstock is that free books can promote the author – however, they can also promote the Kindle, the view being that books are available free, but if you don’t have a platform on which to read them then the free offer does not apply to you. So you purchase a Kindle to take advantage of the offer. Good psychology, and it is known to work.

Amazon, naturally, does not promote this as a reason for their free eBooks. If that is so, then why are new authors and independent small publishers unable to set a zero price to their eBooks on Kindle? Apparently it is only established publishers that can offer eBooks free on Kindle. When you consider that many more people are liable to download free books from established authors and publishers than from relative unknowns, then the Kindle promotion aspect of the freebies would appear to be a valid interpretation.

This is reinforced when you consider that those in most need of the publicity are the less well-know authors and publishers. So where does the ‘publicity’ aspect of free prices come in when the zero price is not available to those that need the publicity most?

Now, when we consider that the individual best-seller lists are going to give even more reasons for people to purchase the Kindle, the cynical among us might wonder at the thinking and motives behind separating one list into two that will result in even more free eBooks being offered that need the Kindle to read them. This shortly after the iPad release!


a) Free eBooks are offered
i. to promote the author and publisher OR
ll. to promote the Kindle.

b) Splitting the Amazon Kindle bestseller list into two;
i. Improves promotion of authors and publishers, OR
ii. Sells more Kindles against iPad competition.

c) Does allowing only recognized authors and larger publishers to offer eBooks free:
i. Promote all authors and publishers, or
ii. Sell more Kindles to read them?

The answer is obvious, and is likely why lesser authors had to price their eBooks at a minimum $0.99 in order to have them promoted in the Kindle Marketplace. This was true before splitting the Kindle bestseller list and likely will still be so after.

This appears to be a more believable explanation than that which is being promulgated on some blogs, that Amazon is offering specific types of eBook free in order to promote its own views on the world, such as promoting Christianity or any other such ideology. However, this type of manipulation does little to persuade those that have noticed this little-known inconsistency to believe in the impartiality of Amazon.

If Amazon is allowing free eBooks to be listed in a Kindle bestseller list, then Amazon should allow all authors or publishers that request it the facility to offer their books free on the Kindle Marketplace. Only then will it be seen to be impartial and fair.

“tips For An Bestseller Campaign”

Selling your book through is a great way to not only earn money, but to increase your visibility and credibility in the business world. For example, if your book achieves bestseller status then your sales could increase exponentially. Otherwise, your book listing may fall into the deep sea of books on Amazon. Therefore, earning best seller status is the top goal of many Internet businesses.

Following is a list of common questions regarding an bestseller campaign:

Question #1: Here’s my situation. I am working on an bestseller campaign. I have sent press releases. So far I have a list of 100,000 people that are being sent emails regarding the book and its release. I’ve heard that you are supposed to have 500,000 people on your email list in order to crack the top ten in Amazon. Is this true?

Answer: Not necessarily. The list of 500,000 names makes it more likely for you to hit the bestseller list, but if you have a quality list than you can still crack the top ten on Amazon. You may have a smaller list, but if you have a high percentage of buyers than your list could be more powerful than a larger list with a lower percentage of buyers.

Question #2: I’ve heard about using joint ventures to spread the word about my book’s release on However, I’m having trouble creating joint ventures because it is difficult to get people to commit to a venture with me since they don’t know me personally. Are there other options besides joint ventures?

Answer #2: Let’s first check out how you are going about obtaining joint ventures. The biggest problem with finding joint ventures for an bestseller campaign is that you don’t offer a value per value exchange. You can’t just ask people to promote you and your book to their list in exchange for nothing that benefits them.

You have to think how you can make the exchange valuable for the other person. Give them incentives that will make them more likely to send an email about your book to their list. Make sure to put a dollar amount value on the items that you offer the joint venture partner for free. Offer them bonuses that they can also offer in the email they send out to their list.

Also make sure to figure out how your vision helps push them towards their own vision. For example, some people want leads. Some people just want help. Find out what they want and need and offer it to them so they view promoting your book as a valuable exchange.

Run Away, Best Seller Books on Relationships May Be a Fraud

If you’ve lost your ex, the run away best seller books on relationships may be a complete fraud. This article is an attempt to show you how you might choose the best books on relationship building.

Why is it the run away best seller books on relationships may be a fraud for you? Because some of these books are written by someone who has never been in the trenches, so the author is only spouting words from the theories learned in college.

So the first thing you need to watch out for is the author with the fancy letters after his/her name. These authors may be practicing their theory on you. They probably never experienced a broken relationship; therefore, how can he/she give you advice? Does their “expert knowledge” really work in the real world?

Instead, look for books on relationships by authors who have used their knowledge to fix their own relationship. This author has either fixed his own relationship, or he has put bad relationships back together for his friends. The relationships he fixes aren’t therapy patients paying for 50 minute hours. These relationships are for people the author knows and cares deeply about.

Next, look for books whose bottom line is “Put the relationship aside for 30 days, take two aspirin and call me after that period of time. Most of your “save your relationships” eBooks are just that. Basically, they contain 50 pages of fluff that don’t deserve your attention or money.

Instead of this kind, find an eBook that will give you new information that your friends haven’t already told you.

Maybe the book should tell you what women really want the most. Maybe it should give you a step by step guide about how to give it to her. Look to see if this book will give you specific techniques to get relief from your pain.

Finally, check out the ones recommending the book. Were these testimonials written by the author or his second cousin?

You’re looking for books on relationships that are recommended by a wide variety of people. Look for people from all walks of life. Does the eBook work to fix relationships for someone from Kansas and the other from England?

Because books on relationships are on the run away best seller list doesn’t mean they aren’t a fraud. Most of them haven’t been written by someone who has experienced loss. Finding the right book or eBook on relationships takes work. Everything about relationships is work. Invest your money and time on the very best one.

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Best Seller Books on Relationships – How to Choose

If you find yourself in the middle of a breakup, good advice is to seek the best seller books on relationships. If you do decide to follow this path, then be very careful who you read. Remember, relationships are emotion based, and words on a page alone cannot cure that hurt you now feel. What you need to do is first ask around – what has helped others?

In this article, I will give you the inside scoop on finding the best authority on best seller books on relationships.

The biggest mistake you can make when looking for relationship books is being taken in by someone who has a lot of fancy letters after their name. Consider this – it has taken this person many years to get those MA’s and PhD’s. These people have spent years studying, spending time in libraries and going to classes. They may also be aligned with a school of thought that just does not resonate with you. To understand my thoughts, consider the differences between the teachings of Freud and Jung. Both were great thinkers and respected worldwide, but their differences in thought are as different as day and night. The work of people with degrees may win awards, but will their teachings help you out of your crisis?

A better line of attack would be to go for someone who has “been there, done that.” Things in the real world are always a lot different than in the world of academics. There is no replacement for real life experience. Many people have salvaged relationships, and have gone on to document these discoveries in books, and in books that are written with you in mind. Often, the author has had such a good experience with saving a relationship that they have the need to share and help others. This is the best seller books on relationships you should be going after.

The real question in reconciling a relationship is what works for you. Many self help books tell you to put the relationship to one side for a certain period of time, and work on getting your sanity in order. While that is good advice, it does not change the fact that you are missing your ex, and want them back. That is your driving need, not “fixing yourself.”

Your best bet is to look for a book that gives you information not readily available in the “self help” books. The information you need is not things your best friends can tell you – remember, they have YOUR best interest in mind, not your relationship. They want to see you happy, and are usually not concerned about your ex.

What you need is solid information – things such as what a woman may crave the most, or the man needs to have in his relationship with you. The book needs to cover techniques that help you deal with pain, and helps you understand why you are feeling that way.

One of the best ways to discover if a book is effective is to look at the testimonials on the sales page. If they aren’t there, or appear to be vague and misleading, then it is not the book for you. If, however, you see testimonials from varied cultures and different walks of life, then it is a good bet that you have found a winner.

The search for the best seller books on relationships [] isn’t an easy task. Maintaining a successful relationship is a tough job, too. Get the help you need at our website. Don’t suffer the pain of a breakup without seeking the best of help available.

Alden Smith is a freelance writer that spent many years working with couples having relationship issues while participating in vocational rehab. He believes that winning back lost love is not easy, but can be accomplished if you have the necessary tools.

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Standard Bank and Topco Media invite top women to the table

Businesswomen at the forefront of South African retail will join Standard bank and Topco Media for the exclusive Top Women in Retail Breakfast on 9 December, at the Maslow hotel in Johannesburg.
Standard Bank and Topco Media invite top women to the table
This inspiring event, featuring an all-women speakers’ programme, will echo the spirit of the 13th annual Standard Bank Top Women Awards, which took place in August 2016.

Like many industries, retail remains traditionally male-dominated. However, South African retail has seen remarkable growth in female leadership and entrepreneurship in recent years, making this three-hour event both a celebration of success and a strategic workshop for women leaders seeking to access new markets and accelerate growth.

Guests will hear from several respected thought leaders who have overcome retail challenges and achieved their goals in an enduringly tough industry and a currently tough economy. Speakers will cover topics such as “Simplifying retail”, “Buying local”, “The commercial advantage of more women in the retail boardroom”, and more.

Topco Media Director Karla Fletcher says, “The breakfast will empower, inspire, encourage leadership and open up the industry to more women in key decision roles. It will also honour those who have paved the way for emerging women leaders and provide a prestigious yet relaxed networking opportunity.”

Presidents and pioneers honoured at the National Business Awards

The 14th annual National Business Awards gave business and government leaders the red carpet treatment, when they gathered to honour South Africa’s most innovative and fast-growing companies.
National Business Awards 2016 winners
National Business Awards 2016 winners
The Awards took place at Emperors Palace in Johannesburg. Over the past 13 years, the National Business Awards has celebrated – in association with the publication Top Performing Companies – South Africa’s most inspiring and dynamic companies and organisations, across various industry sectors.

Employment services and activations company, Isilumko Staffing Solutions, took home the Customer Focus Award as well as the Diversity in the Workplace Award. Security and construction company, Calvin and Family Group, sped off with the Fast Growth Award – the company has grown tremendously; branching out into commercial, civil and retail development, and more recently into low-cost housing, schools, stadiums, water and sanitation. Adding to the Fast Growth Award, Calvin Mathibeli, Founder of the Calvin and Family Group, was announced as the Top Young Executive of the Year sponsored by TUMI.

National Business Awards winners are acknowledged on the basis of innovative business practices, product development, enterprise, sustainability and the overall success of the business. In addition, they are recognised for their social and environmental contributions through excellence of service, commitment to customers, ethical behaviour and environmental sustainability. Topco Media CEO, Ralf Fletcher, congratulated the winners and finalists and encouraged the spirit of entrepreneurship: “To stand out in today’s business environment, you have to be able to do what you do differently from your competitors. You must have a ground-breaking, innovative modus operandi” He spoke, also, of the importance of knowing your purpose, to sustain success: “it is the motivation behind every single thing you do. It’s the reason why you started doing what you do in the first place, and the reason you’ll do it tomorrow, next year and for as long as you are humanly capable”.

McKinsey & Company are at the forefront of their sector as transformation champions, and implement skills development programmes within their organisation. The company walked away with top honours last night, when they were announced as the National Business of Year. Previous winners of this accolade include EOH Holdings, Woolworths, Kelly Group and Kumba Iron Ore.

Keynote speaker and Minister in the Presidency of South Africa, Jeff Radebe; the Honourable Baleka Mbete; Dr Mathews Phosa; Asher Bohbot and Bonang Mohale, amongst many other leaders, joined in to celebrate the finalists and winners. Billion Group, Liberty Corporate, National School of Government are some of the big names who partnered with the National Business Awards.

The highlight of the evening saw President Thabo Mbeki, former President of the Republic of South Africa, being awarded the highly esteemed Lifetime Achievement Award sponsored by Public Sector Manager, for his many contributions to bettering our nation during and after his nine years as the second post-apartheid President of South Africa.